4 Men who Won total of RM37mil Magnum 4D

4 men have already won up to RM37mil in Magnum 4D game draws. This was happening within the first two months of the year. It’s indeed a great feat. The lucky guys are now swimming in the ocean of money. Their levels have automatically changed! They actually deserve that. They took the risk and now they are multimillionaires. You’ve got to grab more details about this awesome news. Here are the highlights:

The First Winner On the 4th early 40s who hails from Puchong. He smiled home with RM15.7 mil. How did he achieve this feat? Well, he went for a unique combination. He played with 4566 & 1975. That’s all. He then went ahead to hit the jackpot. When asked about what he’ll do with the cash, he responded saying that he’ll give part of the money to charity purposes. He also said he’ll use the remaining funds to move his business forward. of January, the very first jackpot was won by a middle aged man in his The Second Winner Barely one week after the first winner won his jackpot, another winner also emerged. The second winner was also a middle aged man who hails from Malacca. He smiled home with a total amount of RM5.09 mil. This happened on the 12th January. He was able to achieve this feat by combining 3133 & 6688. The Third Winner Another lucky middle aged man from Ipoh became the next winner few weeks after the second  winner emerged. This happened on the 26th He cruised home with a total amount of RM6.04mil. He went for a unique combination of 2999 & 9503.

The Fourth Winner Just within the following month, February, the 4th middle aged man who hails from Klang. He smiled home with a total amount of RM10.2 mil. The man went for a combination of 1024 & 4889. winner emerged! He’s another The winner was actually shocked to the 4D result he was checking. He was amazed to see the toto 4D results on the website. When asked what he’ll do with the money, he said, he’ll use it to clear his debts. He’ll also use part of the money to settle his children’s school fees. He also said he’s going to start a new business with part of the money and put the remaining in a fix deposit account. From the above, it’s very clear that the men who won the prizes were simply very lucky.

They played the Magnum Jackpot game just like every other person. The only difference is that lady luck smiled in their favor. They took the risk just like every other player. They played like real men and waited for the outcome. Indeed, the Magnum 4D Jackpot game has been raising millionaires since it was launched in 2009. According to the spokesman of the Magnum website, the game has produced up to 48 winners who are made millionaires overnight. The game is still up and running. Anybody who cares can play it and win big! More lucky winners are set to emerge all through the remaining months of the year!

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