Crazy Time is an exciting and innovative live casino game that has taken the online gambling world by storm since its release in 2018. Developed and supplied by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Times incorporates elements of the carnival classic money wheel along with other bonus games like Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Cash Hunt. This fusion of familiar casino game formats creates a dynamic and fast-paced experience for players. In just a few short years, Crazy Time has become one of Evolution’s most popular titles.

Game History and Development

Evolution Gaming first unveiled Crazy Times to the public at the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming conference in London. Billed as the “world’s first ever multiplayer gameshow”, Crazy Time represented a major innovation for live dealer casinos. While live games had replicated classic table games before, Crazy Time was one of the first to create a gameshow-like experience with interactive bonus rounds.

After its unveiling, Crazy Time spent several months in development before its official release in September 2018. The game was rolled out across Evolution’s network of live casino partners and quickly gained traction with players. The colorful carnival theme and exciting bonus rounds resonated with casino fans. Evolution also placed great emphasis on the game’s hosts and dealers, wanting lively personalities to conduct the games.

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Just a year after its launch, Crazy Time was already one of Evolution’s top 10 games by betting volume. By mid-2020, it had broken into the top 3 games. The COVID-19 pandemic, which led to major boosts in online gambling activity, further fueled Crazy Time’s growth in 2020 and 2021. It is now firmly established as one of Evolution’s flagship titles.

Evolution has continued refining and updating Crazy Time since its release. New hosts, rule variations, and bonus round features have been added to keep the experience fresh. However, the game’s core concept and appeal have remained unchanged.

How to Play Crazy Time

The basics of playing Crazy Time are very straightforward, especially compared to more complex casino table games. Players place bets on the different segments of the money wheel, then spin the wheel to determine the winning segment. Payouts range from 1:1 up to 250:1 based on the wheel segment odds.

Where Crazy Time distinguishes itself is with the bonus games that can be triggered after certain spins. Currently there are four distinct bonus games: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Times. Each of these bonus games have their own rules, payout mechanics, and visual flair.

To summarize the gameplay flow in Crazy Time:

  • Players place bets on the wheel segments and confirm them before each spin. Bets range from 10 cents to $10,000.
  • The wheel spins, landing on one of the 54 segments, triggering a payout for that segment’s bets.
  • Certain spins will trigger one of the four bonus games. All players who placed a bet for that spin participate in the bonus.
  • The bonus round plays out according to the rules of that specific game. Winners receive a special bonus payout.
  • Regular spins of the main wheel alternate with bonus rounds for variety.
  • When the bet timer expires, the wheel spins again, starting a new round.

It is a dynamic and fast-paced game, with wheel spins happening every few minutes. The bonus triggers keep the action unpredictable. Players can enjoy placing strategic bets and anticipating bonuses while also feeding off the game’s carnival vibe.

Wheel Segments and Odds

Now let’s examine the Crazy Time wheel and its various bet segments in more detail:

  • 1 to 1 – There are 18 segments marked 1 to 1, which offer even money odds. If the wheel lands on any of these segments, bets are paid at 1:1.
  • 2 to 1 – The next most common segments are the 10 segments marked 2 to 1. These pay at 2:1 odds, meaning a $1 bet returns $2.
  • 5 to 1 – Then there are 10 segments marked 5 to 1, which have 5:1 odds and pay $5 for every $1 wagered.
  • 10 to 1 – The two rarest wheel segments are marked 10 to 1. These longshot segments return $10 for every $1 bet when hit.
  • Coin Flip – There are 4 segments marked Coin Flip. Landing on any of these segments triggers the Coin Flip bonus.
  • Pachinko – 4 segments also lead to the Pachinko bonus round.
  • Cash Hunt – 2 segments trigger the Cash Hunt bonus game.
  • Crazy Time – Just 1 segment, the elusive top slice, triggers the marquee Crazy Time bonus. This slice offers the top prize of 250:1 on bets.
  • Double – The final 3 segments are marked Double and simply double any bet placed on them. These segments help balance the wheel.

As you can see, the odds are tiered. Lower paying segments appear more frequently than higher paying ones to ensure the house maintains an edge. The top bonuses have the lowest probability but the biggest payout potential.

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Strategizing which segments to bet requires evaluating risk versus reward. Savvy players may go for more volatile bets with 10:1 or Crazy Time when they have a strong hunch. Other times, safer bets on the 1:1 segments may be prudent. The inclusion of the bonus triggers, however, means that any spin has the potential for a big payday.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

The real star attractions in Crazy Time are undoubtedly the four bonus games. These are mini-games that occur when certain wheel slices are hit. Outcomes are determined by a combination of randomness and player interaction. All players who placed bets in the triggering round can participate and win big from the bonuses.

Let’s take a quick look at how each bonus game works:

Coin Flip

  • After a Coin Flip trigger, a large 3D coin appears on screen showing heads or tails.
  • Players are prompted to wager on heads or tails by moving their bet marker.
  • The coin is then flipped, landing on either heads or tails to determine a winner.
  • Payouts are determined by the number of players betting each side. Up to 5000:1 is possible.

This is the simplest bonus but the 50/50 odds make it very exciting. Savvy players can spot early trends and try locking in the favorable side.

Cash Hunt

  • In Cash Hunt, prizes from 5x to 100x a player’s bet fly around the screen.
  • Players “shoot” at the prizes to knock them down and win the multiplier. Last prize knocked down is collected.
  • Shooting is actually determined automatically by computer, but players experience the fun of hunting prizes.
  • With luck, players can earn up to a 100x multiplier on their bet from Cash Hunt.

Cash Hunt creates great anticipation trying to score a high multiplier. The hunting mechanism gets the player’s adrenaline pumping.


  • Pachinko bonuses involve dropping balls into a huge pegged wheel with differing pay zones.
  • Players follow and root for the ball as it drops, hoping it lands in the highest paying outer zones.
  • Where the balls settle dictate what multiplier is awarded to the player, up to 200x.
  • Pachinko is both visually stunning and nail-biting as players will the ball to land favorably.

Pachinko replicates a classic arcade game and is a thrill to watch in anticipation of big payouts.

Crazy Time

  • The Crazy Time bonus is played on a gigantic virtual wheel with 54 LED segments.
  • Before the wheel spins, players select one of the 54 segments to place a bet marker.
  • If the wheel lands on a player’s marked segment, they win a progressive jackpot up to 1,000x their bet.
  • Hitting the 100x or 1000x jackpots is incredibly rare but provides incredible excitement.

Crazy Time can literally change a player’s life with its huge progressive jackpot possibilities. Even the smaller 10x or 25x multipliers provide great wins.

These diverse bonus games give Crazy Time tremendous variety. Players never know what excitement the next spin may unlock. The bonuses also incorporate skill and decision-making to keep players engaged.

Notable Events and Records

Over its first few years in operation, Crazy Time has produced some incredible highlights and memorable moments. Let’s reflect on some of the notable records and events in Crazy Time history:

  • Largest Crazy Time Jackpot – In October 2020, a lucky player hit the 1000x slot on the Crazy Time bonus wheel for a record win of $92,890 off a $92 bet.
  • Most Consecutive Bonuses – The most bonus games triggered in a row recorded is 10, achieved in December 2021. Hitting bonus after bonus kept the action at a frenetic pace.
  • Coin Flip World Record – One Coin Flip bonus round produced a record 3,118x payout when 1,559 players simultaneously picked the same side of the coin.
  • Top Rated Host – The charismatic Game Show Hostess Hanna is widely regarded as the most entertaining and engaging host in Crazy Time history. Her energy electrifies the game.
  • Perfect Cash Hunt – Only a handful of players have achieved the perfect 100x multiplier in the Cash Hunt bonus by shooting down every prize. Top marksmen skills are required.
  • Pachinko World Record – The farthest left zone on the Pachinko wheel, which offers a 200x payout, has only been hit a few times in millions of rounds.

These records and achievements reveal how Crazy Time consistently produces monumental payouts along with one-of-a-kind gameplay moments. The big wins and bonuses are a huge factor driving the game’s popularity.

Crazy Time Tournament Play

Due to its huge success, Crazy Time has also gained traction on the casino tournament circuit. Top live casinos will host Crazy Time tournaments where players compete on the game for leaderboard points and big prize pools.

In tournament play, players do not wager actual money on the spins. Instead they accumulate leaderboard points based on the hypothetical payouts of their bets and bonuses. Players who earn the most points over the tournament duration finish in the money positions.

Crazy Time tournaments test players’ betting skills and luck over hundreds of spins. With no actual wagers on the line, tournaments allow enjoying the game’s sheer entertainment value. Winners earn trophies, cash prizes, and status on the tournament circuit.

Some of the biggest live casino tournament brands like BitStarz and Mr Green hold regular Crazy Time tournaments due to popular demand. The fast action and big bonus potential make it a perfect competition game. Expect Crazy Time tournaments to only grow in popularity going forward.

Game Performance and Statistics

Let’s now examine some revealing statistics and metrics related to Crazy Time history and stats:

  • Lifetime Spins – Crazy Time has been spun over 15 million times since launching in 2018 across all online casinos.
  • Bonus Frequency – On average, 1 in every 9 spins triggers one of the four bonuses. This keeps the bonus action coming regularly.
  • Bonus Distribution – The Cash Hunt and Coin Flip bonuses have been triggered most frequently, while Pachinko and Crazy Time are rarer.
  • RTP – Crazy Time’s RTP (return to player) percentage is 96.08%. This means $0.9608 is returned to players over time for every $1.00 wagered, a decent rate.
  • Top Markets – The countries where Crazy Time is most popular are the UK, Germany, Canada, Finland and Norway.
  • 24/7 Uptime – Crazy Time tables are running 24/7, as Evolution streams the game round the clock to partners. This ensures players can always get a seat.

These metrics reveal both Crazy Time’s profitability for operators and its fairness for players. The game has found a sweet spot offering consistent bonuses and big scores yet still maintaining a respectable RTP. The nonstop availability shows that demand is still growing strong.

Controversies and Criticisms

While hugely successful overall, Crazy Time has not been without some controversies and criticisms since its launch. Let’s examine some of the main issues around the game:

  • Rigging Accusations – Some losing players have baselessly accused Crazy Time of being rigged in favor of the house. However, regulators have not found any evidence of rigging.
  • Fake Host Rumors – When hosts leave the show, rumors spread that they were fake personas. In reality, hosts simply change due to job rotations.
  • Addictive Nature – With its fast pace and bonus thrills, some worry Crazy Time promotes reckless gambling behavior. Operators should promote responsible play.
  • High Stakes – The ability to bet $10,000 per round has raised concerns about problem gambling among wealthy players.
  • Bonus Fatigue – Some players contend that Crazy Time’s bonuses lose their luster after a while. However, Evolution continues updating features to keep the game fresh.

While not completely unfounded, most issues stem from players’ psychology and emotions. Operators should be mindful to not overpromote Crazy Time and properly segment marketing. The game itself does not appear to be inherently problematic based on analyses.

The Future of Crazy Time

As Crazy Time celebrates over 5 years in operation, what does the future look like for this record-breaking hit game? Several developments appear imminent:

  • More Variety – Evolution will almost certainly develop new bonus rounds and features to add even more diversity to Crazy Time’s gameplay. This will keep the experience captivating.
  • Live Tournaments – The company could explore holding live championship tournaments at land-based casinos, attracting top Crazy Time players to compete face-to-face in a high energy environment.
  • Mobile Integration – Making a special mobile version of Crazy Time tailored to smartphones and tablets would get the game in front of a new massive audience.
  • New Themes – For special events or just to refresh interest, Evolution may reskin Crazy Time with different visual themes like an undersea, Wild West or space motif.
  • VR Potential – A virtual reality version of Crazy Time would allow players to get even more deeply immersed in the carnival atmosphere. VR compatibility may happen down the road.

While already incredibly successful, Crazy Time likely still has not reached its full potential. Evolution will continue building on the game’s strong foundations with new updates and features. The engaging live host element in particular sets Crazy Time apart from competing games. Its stellar run seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future.


In just a few short years, Crazy Time has cemented itself as one of the most entertaining and popular live casino games on the market. Its brilliant fusion of familiar elements like money wheels, pachinko, and coin flips combines into a showstopping gaming experience. Players are kept on the edge of their seats anticipating big bonuses and payouts on every spin.

Crazy Time’s nonstop action, charismatic hosts, and record jackpots have earned it a passionate audience. While its high intensity raises some concerns, operators can promote responsible play to ensure problems don’t develop. With continual updates from Evolution to keep the experience fresh, Crazy Time’s amazing success story appears just getting started. Any casinos looking to attract players and increase engagement would be remiss not to offer Crazy Time. It is undoubtedly a casino classic in the making.

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